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Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic and sports rehabilitation isn’t just for pro athletes; it’s for anyone who wants to get back to an active lifestyle. Whether you are competing in Ironman triathlons, or just a taking a daily walk with your dog around the neighborhood, we want to help get you back to doing what you love to do!

At Axis Sports Medicine, we treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles) as well as the nervous system. We evaluate individual body functionality and use both manual techniques and specific exercises to provide treatment. The first step in a patient’s treatment is to decrease pain, often with manual techniques such as massage, mobilization, manipulation, or dry needling. We teach our patients to avoid positions or postures that will exacerbate the injury, and will help them modify their activity so they don’t continue to cause injury. The next step in treatment is to improve the specific deficits, such as weakness, tight muscles or stiff joints, that caused the pain in the first place. The final step is to retrain the patient’s movement patterns, to prevent repeat injuries. Put it all together, and we have a comprehensive treatment plan to get our patients healthy and back to their active lifestyle.

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