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Axis Scholarship Recipients: 5 Years Later

Paige Schlegel

Paige is currently a senior at Montana State University and will graduate this May with a major in Environmental Biology and minors in Microbiology and Soil Science.

During college, she co-founded the MSU Women’s Hockey Club and served as the team’s vice president. This past year was their first season as an ACHA Division I team, and she is so proud of how much growth they were able to cultivate in just four years!

Paige also worked as a researcher in a lab on campus that studies microorganisms in Yellowstone Hot Springs. This was a really cool opportunity that involved a lot of amazing fieldwork in Yellowstone and also led to her discovery of a novel genus of microorganisms, specifically Archaea!

She is currently working on writing a manuscript about her work that will hopefully be published by the end of this summer. Paige is also attending graduate school to continue microbial ecophysiology-based research but will be taking a gap year after graduation to intern with an environmental consulting company and travel as much as possible.

It has been quite a journey for Paige; her interests have shifted since entering MSU as a freshman in the Neuroscience program four years ago!

She told us: “I will forever be grateful to Axis Sports Medicine and the scholarship they were generous enough to award me!”

Congrats Paige!