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Your Silverthorne PT: Ali Cofer Rybak

ali cofer rybak physical therapist in silverthorne on paddle board

Ali grew up in Richmond, Virginia, the youngest of 5 kids. She went to James Madison University and graduated with a business degree. Ali then followed one of my older sisters out to Colorado in 1995. She tried out multiple career paths, such as flight attendant, raft guide, property management, bartending, and waiting tables. After breaking her clavicle and going to physical therapy for nerve pain, she started looking into PT as a new career and began taking pre-requisite classes.

Ali graduated from the University of Colorado in 2008 and then did a 16-week clinical rotation in Noosa, Australia. Her last clinical was with Howard Head. She did half of her rotation at the hospital in Vail and half with Ami and Terri as her CIs in Silverthorne. She then did the residency program with Howard Head at the outpatient clinic in Vail. After completing her residency and earning her SCS, Ali moved back to the Silverthorne clinic and has been with those girls ever since.

Ali physical therapist and her husband chris outside in hawaiian outfits

Some fun facts about Ali:

  • Most of the time, she doesn’t answer the phone when Topper calls on her birthday. So she can save it and replay it because it makes her happy.
  • She loves Colorado but misses the beach!!
  • She has asymmetrical ankle ROM. This is a significant loss of DF on my right ankle that Ami makes fun of when she teases Ami about her tight hamstrings.
  • Ali’s husband’s name is Chris, and they have been married for 8 years. She also has 2 awesome stepdaughters.
  • Ali is a dog person and loves my Chessie, Hazel. She even lets her sleep in the bed!
  • Chris, along with the rest of her family, likes to raft, paddle board, and camp in the summer.
  • In the winter, you’ll find her curled up with a glass of wine, a book, and Hazel after a quick skin.

We love having Ali as part of our Axis family!

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Avon + Edwards are Joining Forces

avon colorado physical therapists

After much thought and evaluation by our team, we have decided to consolidate our Edwards clinic into our Avon clinic location. 

Our staff and resources from our Edwards location will be moved into our Avon clinic on October 31, 2023.

We are excited to be able to offer a wider option of appointment times to accommodate patient needs in one location.

Our Avon location is 142 E Beaver Creek Blvd, Suite 109, next door to Doctors on Call and Kiwi International Delights.