The Spirit of Adventure: Axis Adventure Day 2020

This year, we decided to change things up for our Eagle County patients. Instead of our regular hike on the Paulie’s Plunge trail, we decided to have a “Choose your own Adventure” style celebration! It was such a blast to be able to recreate safely with such a great community. We gathered at our Eagle[…]

Recovery, Inspiration, and Perspiration: The 2020 Axis Ascent

Our 5th Annual Axis Ascent is in the books! **Disclaimer** This event happened in September of 2020 and everyone was social distanced, wore masks and ate and hiked within their own bubble. We had a record-breaking 83 clients, friends, and family join the Summit County Axis team for our annual hike at Arapahoe Basin.  The[…]

Join Us For The Inaugural Axis Adventure Day!

WHEN: October 3, 2020, 8:30 AM WHERE: Eagle Clinic, 1143 Capitol St, Unit 102B, Eagle, CO 81631 This year has been hard, but we still have plenty of victories to celebrate: hard work, recovery, and all the obstacles that we overcame together. Join us for a celebration of your successes with your friends, family, and[…]