July 19, 2018

Golf Assessment

Golf game got you down?  If you are having pain or difficulty with strength or mobility in your golf swing, are recovering from an injury, or if you just want to improve your golf game, Axis Sports Medicine can help.

We can analyze your golf swing using a 16-point physical screen from the Titleist Performance Institute, which we are able to break down even further, to pin point the specific areas of dysfunction.  We have two different levels of assessment:  

The quick assessment, which can be done anywhere, is focused on the body-swing connection and identifying limitations that may put you at risk of injury.

The full assessment is performance-oriented and includes in-depth video analysis and how any areas of dysfunction are related to the golf swing. A personalized program, utilizing both manual therapy and exercises, will be provided based on these findings. By optimizing your body’s mobility and strength, you will prevent injuries and, most importantly, improve distance in your swing!

If you are interested in setting up a golf assessment or have any questions regarding golf-specific rehabilitation, please contact Sean Juarez at our Avon or Eagle clinics.