June 15, 2018



Meredith Mueller

Meredith Mueller graduated with a BS in PT from the University of Wisconsin late in 1998.  She started her career In Albuquerque doing outpatient and acute care for two and a half year before she left to spend the year in Mexico learning Spanish.  The winter of 2003-2004 is when she started her career permanently in Vail, where she has practiced ever since.

Meredith takes a special interest in patients with spine related disorders, persistent pain and patients with knee, shoulder disorders, as well as runners.  She likes to keep her repertoire broad as this helps her to consider the big picture (the entire body) when treating her patients.  She has taken many continuing education courses including level 1 and level 2 dry needling, Selective Functional Movement Assessment level 1 and many courses addressing neurophysiology and pain by the Neuro Orthopedic Institute.  She has also completed a Pilates certification in Santa Fe in 2006-2007 and completed her transitional DPT at Regis in 2010-2011.  She has been a Sports Certified Specialist since 2006.

More recently Meredith has completed the C1 course (3D Treatment of Scoliosis According to the Principles of CL Schroth) through the BSPTS in order to treat adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and hyperkyphosis including Schuermann’s disease.  This method aims to address the postural component of a scoliosis or kyphosis through postural alignment and exercise.  It is used in conjunction with monitoring and treatment by a physician and in some cases bracing by an orthotist.

For more information visit: www.schroth-barcelonainstitute.com